Allen Weisselberg-Protractor Man & Manhattan DA Trump Investigation Observations & Predictions

The Manhattan DA’s Trump Organization investigation has reportedly picked up recently so rising to the challenge, some observations/predictions are provided based on media reports currently surfacing with regard to the Cy Vance probe.

Vance announced that he will not seek re-election in 2022

This announcement takes away Trump’s main argument that the Manhattan DA’s office is continuing a political witch hunt. Might that argument be applied to Vance’s successor? Possibly, but that would be contingent on the timing of any indictment/trial for Trump.

It was leaked that Vance wants…

Is Bill Barr Slow Walking a Caterpillar Tax Fraud Case In Favor of Another Client?

Reuters reports that DOJ directed the lead FDIC agent investigating an alleged $2 billion fraud by the farm machinery manufacturing giant “to take no further action a week after Bill Barr’s nomination to be the Attorney General some twenty months ago.”

Various media reports inform that Caterpillar was a former client of Barr’s before he took on the position and stance of toadying to the only client that mattered as United States Attorney General. President Trump famously decried “I love Caterpillar,” during one of his…

While some proclaim Trump to be Putin’s puppy, the evidence supports the greater likelihood that he has been, and will continue to be in the near future — Erdogan’s errand boy.

The recent New York Times(NYT) in-depth report and tax return analysis of Donald Trump’s businesses over the past fifteen years depict an extremely weak financial posture on the part of the President, to the point of vulnerability. Trump’s sustained financial losses, decreasing cash flow, and burgeoning debt may provide leverage to the Turkish strongman who can manipulate Trump and therefore the U.S. …

Lev Parnas’ Curious Loan, a Swiss Lawyer and Krysha

Photo by Pascal Debrunner on Unsplash

Lev Parnas’ Curious Loan, a Swiss Lawyer, and Krysha

What do a Ukrainian oligarch, a Russian vor, and a one-time boss of Putin have in common?

If you answered a clever Swiss attorney who currently resides in Dubai but practices in Switzerland you win a bottle of Trump vodka. Should you have responded Ralph Oswald Isenegger — ding-ding — you score a bottle of Stoli’s! …

Oleksandr Onyshchenko — Money Laundering & Sheep Carcasses

There weren’t any Blockchain or cryptocurrency real estate transactions back in the 11th century when Yaroslav the Wise codified the legal code known as Russkaya Pravda(RP) that ruled the medieval state known as Kievan Rus — the earliest predecessor of modern Ukraine and Russia. And there weren’t any offshore shell companies that allowed for international money laundering to secrete Organized Crime proceeds by Russian/Ukrainian mafia gangs. Yaroslav’s interest centered on addressing the more common crimes plaguing the Kievan Rus — blood feuds and animal mutilation.

Cutting a cow on purpose could result…

Cannabis — Knowing Your Customer

The NY Times recently ran an article about Russian money pouring into the burgeoning American cannabis industry and it raises some significant questions. The writers made the point that other than one notable venture in Nevada that some Rudy Giuliani allies screwed up and got themselves indicted, “investors with Russian backgrounds have been public about their involvement in the cannabis industry and law enforcement officials do not appear to have raised questions.”

Is that true? Why is that?

The Times noted that “Federal law still treats cannabis as an illegal substance and traditional banks have…

When the Soviet Union imploded in 1991, the rule of law collapsed with it across the former Communist empire. Dissolution in Central Asian government became its own destiny. Chaos gave birth to corruption. Power and greed became the all-encompassing motives for both opportunist oligarchs and their puppet politicians. Gas and gas pipeline networks presented them with means and opportunities. A period of runaway growth ensued for Russian Organized Crime(ROC). Government licentiousness facilitated by former Russian Intelligence agents in the service of nascent predatory capitalists aka oligarchs became the new reality. …

A Couple of Tuesdays Ago…

President Trump went off-script recently to publicly complain about his legal fees and one doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

A couple of Tuesdays ago Trump disputed the notion that he’s profiting off the Presidency, arguing instead that lawsuits alleging he’s violated the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution amount to “presidential harassment” and are costing him significant legal fees and he’s loving it.

Trump now threads ‘presidential harassment’ regularly into his press briefings and campaign speeches, almost to the point of being a replacement mantra for “no collusion” — “no obstruction.”

As for how…

Suggested Congressional Intelligence Committee Questions for Felix Sater

When you were working on Trump Tower Moscow for DJT in late 2015, you are quoted as saying that you drew on connections you had made in Russia in the late ’90s when you were secretly working for US Intelligence agencies. You advised the House Intelligence Committee that you had cultivated a network of foreign contacts that included “ranking intelligence, military operatives, and military research facilities.”

Was one of these contacts Russian Military Intelligence General Evgeny Shmykov? Did he not in fact assist you and the Trump team with securing visas to…

The Deutsche Bank Dilemma

When Deutsche Bank executives quashed Suspicious Activity Reports(SARs) prepared by their Anti-Money Laundering(AML) employees and did not forward the reports to the Treasury Department according to a recent NY Times article, it brought back echoes of the greed, corruption and coverups so pervasive in the Banking industry ten to twelve years ago that caused such economic harm. …

Martin Sheil

Retired Special Agent IRS Criminal Investigation; Federal Contractor Deloitte & DOJ OCDETF; Letters of Commendation from Directors FBI Louis Freeh & Comey

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