Rudy Giuliani — How An Expanded SDNY FARA Investigation Could Be a Nightmare

Martin Sheil

Remember the multiple Manafort superseding indictments? President Trump’s former campaign consigliere was reportedly initially being investigated for FARA violations with regard to his dealings in Ukraine and he ended up being indicted for Tax Fraud…

Explosive Implications of Jeff McConney’s Reported Grand Jury Testimony Regarding the Trump Organization

This could be the death knell for Allen Weisselberg, long time CFO of the Trump Organization and reputed eyes and ears of Individual-1. As Controller of the Trump family company, McConney had to work closely with Weisselberg…

Allen Weisselberg-Protractor Man & Manhattan DA Trump Investigation Observations & Predictions

The Manhattan DA’s Trump Organization investigation has reportedly picked up recently so rising to the challenge, some observations/predictions are provided based on media reports currently surfacing with regard to the Cy Vance probe.

Vance announced that he will not…

Is Bill Barr Slow Walking a Caterpillar Tax Fraud Case In Favor of Another Client?

Reuters reports that DOJ directed the lead FDIC agent investigating an alleged $2 billion fraud by the farm machinery manufacturing giant “to take no further action a week after Bill Barr’s nomination to be the…

Lev Parnas’ Curious Loan, a Swiss Lawyer and Krysha

Photo by Pascal Debrunner on Unsplash

Lev Parnas’ Curious Loan, a Swiss Lawyer, and Krysha

What do a Ukrainian oligarch, a Russian vor, and a one-time boss of Putin have in common?

If you answered a clever Swiss attorney who currently…

Oleksandr Onyshchenko — Money Laundering & Sheep Carcasses

There weren’t any Blockchain or cryptocurrency real estate transactions back in the 11th century when Yaroslav the Wise codified the legal code known as Russkaya Pravda(RP) that ruled the medieval state known as Kievan Rus — the earliest predecessor of modern Ukraine…

Cannabis — Knowing Your Customer

The NY Times recently ran an article about Russian money pouring into the burgeoning American cannabis industry and it raises some significant questions. The writers made the point that other than one notable venture in Nevada that some Rudy Giuliani allies screwed up and got…

Martin Sheil

Retired Special Agent IRS Criminal Investigation; Federal Contractor Deloitte & DOJ OCDETF; Letters of Commendation from Directors FBI Louis Freeh & Comey

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